101 Things We Love About Living in Pueblo

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Here are the 101 things we love about living in Pueblo, compiled through various Facebook pages as a part of a local positivity movement. 

1. I love the East Side where people are real. The parks are beautiful, the cars are low riding and the kids are proud. Change is coming starting with an amazing world class skate park! – Janet Wilson
2. I love the people. I love the historical buildings, our history and that we are a tight knit community. – Diana E.
3. The people. – T.C.
4. Amen, the people. – Diane Shumard
5. Pueblo, Colorado gives people a change to do better. The people here help one another and are fair when dealing with less fortunate people. I will always love Pueblo. They dont punish you for being poor. The provide you all the information and organizations to bring you out of poverty. To flourish and have all you fight to become. – Cyndi Huie
6. I like the tranquility in Pueblo West. – Veronica Salez
7. Not too big and not too small. Everything is within a good driving distance. – Juanito Salazar
8. The artsy, funky and a little shady Pueblo… the Blocks, with such talented, real people making Pueblo a better place through vision and community for many years before it was popular, young and old, beautiful. – Kelly Meldrum Brude
9. Our farms on the Mesa, especially during Autumn. Pumpkins, hubbard squash, fruits, vegetables, the smell of green chilies roasting, the gifts of our farm families. Love! – Kelly Meldrum Brude
10. The food! If you want Italian or Mexican it is there and you wont be disappointed. The culture is second to none. – Judy Mares-Espinoza
11. I love that Pueblo supports small businesses. – Carla Sisneros
12. Being woke up at 0 dark thirty to the sounds of low drone engines in the rail yard, or the crash of cuplings being smashed together. – Allen Groves, author of this post and the following
13. Walking to school right around the corner from where I lived, Thatcher Elementary, Thatcher Museum, the Carriage House.
14. The nail mill and the old rail smelter.
15. PRC on the weekends and after the Bell Game
16. Cruising the Nature Trail on my bike to and from the Nature Center and the Rez.
17. Swimming at Minteral Park pool and enjoying walking in the flower garden there.
18. Watching the trains come and go from 4th Street, 18th Street viaducct and from the Arkansas river duct.
19. Palmer Park, City Park, Bessemer Park, Minniqua Lake, the Arkansas River, many spots.
20. The whistle at CF and I when the shift changes.
21. Lack of traffic. I go insane when I go to Denver especially and get in the middle of stop and go traffic. I love that in Pueblo we can drive almost anywhere in 10-20 minutes. – Jenny Johnson Paulson
22. I love that there are so many people who have lived here their whole life and are related to half the town. – Freeda Herra
23. We are a community, when we need to pull together we do.
24. I love the Riverwalk and Arkansas River. – Algela Alcon
25. This community supports its art and artists. – Felicity Ann Short
26. We have amazing restaurants with delicious food that you can only get in Pueblo! – Crystal Cardona
27. The lack of traffic, it was one of the reasons I moved here ten years ago from Denver. Also the air quality is so much better here for people like me who have lung problems. – Margaret R. Wilson
28. I love to shop on Union Avenue. – Margaret R. Wilson
29. The many outdoor activities like the bicycle trails, Lake Pueblo, the Nature Center! – Diana Garrison
30. That we get all four seasons but never to their extremes. Just when one starts getting old, another begins! – Rita Hunt
31. I like the architecture, Pueblo is stuck in another era, its own era, which is good and can also be forged ahead in positive ways with a community working together. We are Pueblo, strong as steel, up for the challenge! – Kim Faiella-Furth
32. I love the changing seasons and the long growing season for my garden. It is really amazing. – Margaret R. Wilson
33. I love the Pueblo traditions like the bell and canon games. – Vanessa Cruz
34. I also love our local agriculture, Pueblo chilies! – Vanessa Cruz
35. I love that there is so much heart here. Whether it be neighbors helping neighbors, grassroots initiatives or acts of formal leadership, local community members are striving to thrive and mobilize to be a part of the solution for Pueblo! – Amy King
36. The Pueblo Steam Plant, jewel of Downtown. – Mark Mihelich
37. I love the view of the city!!! -Marie Tutterrow
38. Driving home from out of state & seeing the smoke stack of the CF&I always makes it special!!! -Marie Tutterrow
39. The view heading west on 24th st before you get to the state hospital grounds every morning is breathtaking!!!! –Marie Tutterrow
40. I love Union Avenue! The funky shops, the Daily Grind, the excellent restaurants, and the fun and eccentric people! -Jan Matzen
41. There are so many beautiful places to walk! The nature center, the riverwalk…over the 4th street bridge looking towards the mountains and trains. -Elisa Maria Sabedra
42. Coffee. Culture. Arts. And Creativity everywhere. It’s good there are so many walking options…cause the food is ridiculously delicious too. – Elisa Maria Sabedra
43. I love how many people support Kelsie Schelling family. -Michael Johnson
44, I met the love of my life when I first moved here -Anita McGhee
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45. The food, the Union area and all the shops the trains at night – Beth Files Leyba
46. Hearing roosters in the city the night light and feeling blessed i was born and raised here – Beth Files Leyba
47. I love the The Walk for Peace on the Eastside. -Theresa Randall
48. I love the flowers in Mineral Palace Park. – Theresa Randall
49. I love the history of Pueblo! -Theresa Randall
50. I love the atmosphere. Feels like an art deco town in France or Italy, circa 1939…..Nadine Noriega
51. All those less traveled areas within the city, like: the paths between the stockyards and Runyon lake, the fishing spot at the end of the murals you can only get to via East 11th, the mini forest between Mesa Tower and the top of the Arkansas mural… – Joette Ucar Dhamo
52. The entire path along the Arkansas river, with all its views of natural landscape and unique architecture blending, makes Pueblo immediately identifiable from all angles and 101 locations within itself -Joette Ucar Dhamo
53. Little traffic. – Harkin Lucero Jr.
54. The people are pretty decent and all the different parts of heritage from every culture here. – Zachary Pfaff
55. Our unique culture based on the melting pot of races. Because of this we have unique language and ways of doing things. -Katrina Small
56. You’ve heard of microclimates? We’re a micro culture. -Katrina Small
57. The Summer Musical and Mr. Deluca’s orchestra pit. smile emoticon. – Elisa
58. The easy bus system around town that my grandson and I use to explore Pueblo – Ann Johnson
59. Pueblo is made up of tradition from passkey to do drop inn to highschool and now college sports -Denise Carrillo
60. I like the huge 100 plus year old trees on the historic north side where I have been rehabbing a 1905 historic house and Mineral Park which is in walking distance. – Jenny Paulson
61. Having access to a super legit zoo and the Buell Children’s Museum such fond memories made with my boys at those places. Not every town has such cool stuff that’s super affordable for families. – Heidi Thomas Coomer
62. Raising my son here has been awesome, he is eleven now and has out grown some of what we have loved our ten years here in Pueblo – the zoo, the rides at the zoo, the train at the zoo, the outdoor theatre, the roller skating rink, the new YMCA, the Riverwalk, the Nature Center, the reservoir and more. – Jenny Paulson
62. My wife and I lived in Santa Monica CA until 1981when we were so glad to have a small place like Pueblo to come back to. Santa Monica pop. (80,000 then), was just too much for us to handle with a nine year old boy. Coming to Pueblo (Bessemer, actually), was a breath of fresh air. – Art Perez
63. Street tacos! – Jesse Witt
64. I like that we are within an hour or two of so many places to go if we want to get out of town – Beulah, Rye, Colorado City, Canon City, Salida, Crestone, La Veta and more. – Jenny Paulson
65. River walk. – Rhonda Garcia
66. The people around the area give the best vibes. Everyone is very nice and it is surrounded with culture and art. – Rhonda Garcia
67. I like that we live in a smaller community but can go up to Colorado Springs or Denver so quickly if we want more, which usually me and my son don’t. We are content here with enough to do. – Jenny Paulson
68. The fact that we live in this awesome micro climate, but thst you can be in the mountains in about 30 minutes. – Jesse Witt
69. I like the views of the mountain ranges from Colorado Springs to La Veta – when we lived in Pueblo West we used to do “sunsets” and have kids over to watch the sun set with appetizers. When I drive across the bridges downtown I look both directions at the mountains and thing its just so pretty… seeing Pikes Peak even on clear days. – Jenny Paulson
70. I like to walk around the historic north side where we live on the old sidewalks and look at all of the cool old homes and wonder what it was like in the day. A year ago Dr. Campbell knocked on my door and said this was his family house and gave me a picture of it in the day, with women in their dresses and hats in my yard. The historic homes are so special, we are blessed to have bought one to restore. – Jenny Paulson
71. The historic homes of Pueblo are so beautiful and so much history in them. That is when homes were built well. Now days they are thrown up in a day or two. You are so blessed. I just took the kids to the Rosemount museum and I was in awe how beautiful it was. The wood work is amazing!!!!! – Rhonda Garcia
72. Aguilar Aguilar’s Barber shops on every side of town. – Devon N Sammie
73. HARP – Anna Kushner
74. Pueblo was always good to me. Got government housing when we had nowhere to go and assistance that helped me and my kids. – Cynthia Marie
75. The State Fair – Connie Santos
76. I love that we are such a mixture, a “melting pot”…and that we can enjoy each other’s traditions and foods. I love that about the time I think there is no hope for this town, good people come forward to restore my faith. – Georgianna Lipich
77. Brandon Beauvais Pueblo simply cares. No other community can come together with such strength, support and pride the way Pueblo does. Strong deep family roots, traditions, unbelievable history, excellent food, and great people! – Brandon Beauvais
78. Pueblo has floated it into a amazing community of pride, caring and sharing people!! – Diana Garrison ·
79. The food is phenomenal. Where else can you get chicken tacos on white deep fried? I’ve searched all over Denver and can’t find them. – Jenny Eickelman
80. I love the fact that Pueblo has a rich history in the field of music, and being able to enjoy the artistry of these players. Music is a universal language, and we are blessed to have musicians in this area who are truly talented and that we provide venues for them to perform their craft. Keep playing and help lift our musical spirit!! – Eddie G Graston
81. This week it’s because we didn’t get the snow and my tomatoes will survive! Ha – Nancy Fair
82. I love that Pueblo is known for all the friendly, easily approachable people. – Ronda Gasperetti
83. I’m always amazed that Pueblo is the “city of full circles” regarding the people. Everyone knows or are related to someone else that someone knows and on and on. Comforting. – Kris Rawson-Robinson
84. I’m trying to pick my likes there are more than 100. Just a start–People and diversity, the Riverwalk, Our library system, most parks, Fishing in town. – Gus Sandstrom
85. I’m a native of Pueblo, and this town raised me. (Literally, was homeless at a young age) I now have a family and am raising my own kids. I love how it’s still a small town with people that genuinely care for our youth. The neighborhood still looks out for each other, and we have so many traditions all year round. Our parades, festivals, fishing, drive inn, historical sites close by, access to many lakes and state parks, bishops castle, sports events, community events, the river walk, a very involved library, the university and community college, great non profits and small businesses, and so much more!!! I love my town and am proud to be a Puebloan!!! – Rayleen Aguirre
86. I love our 1st responders even understaffed they are giving it their all! – Sada Fowler
87. The talented musicians and the beautiful music! Small clubs who support local talent! – Bernice Romero
88. I love the fact it only takes 10 minutes to go across town and that we have the best chili in the state! – John Bueno
89. We have the best chili in the country I think wink emoticon. love historic downtown Pueblo. The vibe down there is always amazing and the cobblestone roadways in some places give it such an antique feeling. – Jesse Hachey
90. I love that we are home of the hero’s many here and artists portrait on across first st and sante Fe ave downtown beautiful work and all that pueblo does have good advocates. – Tasha Gallego

 91. I like that you can go to the store and run into someone you know almost every time and people still smile at you even if they don’t know you. – Lynn Roberson 92. Performing arts programs for children and adults like SCTC Pueblo on Santa Fe. – Brandie Brow

 93. I love the opportunities my sons had to participate in so many different sports through the parks department and other sports organizations. It was affordable for a large family and accessible due to the shorter distances to games and practices. Nothing like it in bigger cities. – Stephanie Larkin Royba

 94. Beautiful parks! Awesome sports history and traditions! Gold medal fishing on the Arkansas River! Nicest, most friendly people anywhere!- Mike Sexton

95. I’m always amazed that Pueblo is the “city of full circles” regarding the people. Everyone knows or are related to someone else that someone knows and on and on. Comforting. – Kris Rawson-Robins

 96. I love Gagliano’s. The best Italian store around. – Shirley Krasove

 97. I love that Pueblo is known for all the friendly, easily approachable people. – Ronda Gasperett

 98. This week it’s because we didn’t get the snow and my tomatoes will survive! Ha – Nancy Fair

99. I love CSU-Pueblo. An amazing and often underrated institution where I am earning my bachelor’s degree in social work. – Trevor M. Hardin

100. The Banks of the Arkansas River song by George Samaras and local musicians  

101. Love Pueblo, for it’s tradition’s. And multi culture!!! by Amy Romero

Pueblo Magazine’s Jenny Paulson is a 20 year veteran niche magazine publisher, an independent journalist, photographer, publisher, blogger, activist, world traveler and a proud mom. She has worked as a political activist, for a lobbyist, a pr firm, the governor and for a representative in Washington DC. She has lived in her home of Pueblo, CO for just over a decade.

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