Editorial Code Of Ethics

Pueblo Independent Magazine’s code of Ethics policy extends to all Indy editors, writers, freelancers and contract workers, including the publisher, unless noted below. Primarily this code of ethics is based the code of the Society of Professional Journalists. This is intended as a general guide but can not apply to every possible circumstance and may periodically need to be updated.

Gathering the news

Our Pueblo Independent Magazine editors, writers and freelancers attempt to cover all of our stories as fairly and professionally as possible. We try to get cooperative sources and would never pay for interviews or documents. We do not threaten to damage uncooperative sources, nor do we promise favorable coverage in return for cooperation and try to publish all stories as genuinely as possible. We try to disclose the identity of persons in our stories, but sometimes use anonymous sources.

Pueblo Independent Magazine editors, writers and freelancers must obey the law when gathering news. It is our policy not to use hidden cameras unless it has been cleared by the publisher but it is legal in Colorado to record phone calls without permission of the other person(s). Southern Colorado Independent editors, writers and freelancers will not use their press credentials, press cards or parking decals to gain access off the job.

Real or perceived conflicts of interest

Pueblo Independent editors, writers and freelancers should always avoid any conflict of interest, perceived or real.The author of any story is expected to be transparent and inform the publisher of Pueblo Independent Magazine of any such conflict. If she or he cannot avoid the conflict, he or she would be removed from the story and shall be reassigned a different subject or coverage area.

Covering ourselves, arts

Editors, writers, freelancers and other contract employees may be involved in artistic endeavors in their personal lives. No coverage preference should be given to any Pueblo Independent editor, writer, freelancer or other contractor based on their relationship to the magazine.

Policy on gifts and freebies

In general, editors, writers, freelancers and contractors may accept a gift, item or consideration worth $10 or less, but only one time per source. Regarding CDs, DVDs, books and other review material: These items may be accepted, as it is the industry standard for promotional items to be provided to media outlets. However, when accepting free items, it is the editor’s/writer’s/freelancer’s responsibility to ensure that the source understands there is no guarantee of what type of coverage there will be, as a result of the free item(s). Those who receive free items is not allowed to resell them. These items must be given away, preferably to charities, libraries, etc.

Free concert and event ticks may be accepted under the same conditions above.  Pueblo Independent Magazine does not accept free meals for food and restaurant coverage. We do not accept free or discounted transportation and lodging with few exceptions.

If you have any questions about this code of ethics, please contact Jenny Paulson at 719-423-0386 or through our online contact form.