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A campaign is here to promote greater giving and philanthropy so we can all reap the benefit of increased generosity in our community. Give Back Pueblo, founded by Jenny Paulson, uses facebook, websites and other media to highlight and share small individual acts of kindness as well huge acts by organized groups and nonprofits who collaborate sizable events for our community – all inspiring others to do good as well.

The objective of the Give Back Pueblo campaign is for each Pueblo resident to be encouraged to do acts of giving and kindness aimed at helping others, and for groups, agencies and organizations to collaborate and receive credit for outreach programs and bigger charity events.

“We hope to help unite Pueblo, build up the esteem of our troubled city, and build bridges between groups of people of different races, religions, culture, and socio-economic backgrounds,” said Paulson about the project, which changed names from the Pueblo Kindness Project to Give Back Pueblo in late 2018 to further expand its mission.

In 2018 Paulson is going to publish a print magazine for the project and will launch a Give Back Pueblo fundraising period to encourage donors to give to the nonprofits working hard to serve our community. 

If you or someone you know who lives in Pueblo and wants to get involved in a more hands-on capacity, visit and/or message Give Back Pueblo through Facebook.

Let’s get kind and give generously Pueblo, take the challenge to help your community!

Please join, like and share our Facebook page 

Pueblo Magazine’s Jenny Paulson is a 20 year veteran niche magazine publisher, an independent journalist, photographer, publisher, blogger, activist, world traveler and a proud mom. She has worked as a political activist, for a lobbyist, a pr firm, the governor and for a representative in Washington DC. She has lived in her home of Pueblo, CO for just over a decade.

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