Black Bear in Pueblo Yard

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 A black bear was spotted on north side of Pueblo in late Auguest at 29th Street and 8th Avenue and photographs were taken by Jeff Cremer a professional photographer who worked in the Peruvian Amazon jungle for six years and has shot for NatGeo and the BBC.

Cremer reported on facebook, “Saw the bear run by my garage while I was working on my motorcycle. Almost had a heart attack,” he said. “Ran inside my house and got my 800mm lens and started taking pictures. Police and Colorado Wildlife Department responded and shot the bear with 3 tranquilizer darts and hauled it off. They said that they will keep it and release back into the wild this it this winter.”

Cremer shared his pictures on his personal facebook page and other facebook pages, and they quickly went viral. Here are some of the pictures. He is the owner of Cremer Photography and the marketing director for Rainforest Expeditions, an over 35k friend page on facebook.

Old post – http://puebloindependentmagazine.com/citizen-photojournalism/bear-found-pueblo/

Pueblo Magazine’s Jenny Paulson is a 20 year veteran niche magazine publisher, an independent journalist, photographer, publisher, blogger, activist, world traveler and a proud mom. She has worked as a political activist, for a lobbyist, a pr firm, the governor and for a representative in Washington DC. She has lived in her home of Pueblo, CO for just over a decade.

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