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Jeff Cremer’s recent photographs of a bear cub in the backyard of his home in north Pueblo, got him lots of facebook and local news attention this week. He recently moved back to his home town after years of traveling the world as a guide and photographer, with work featured in national and international publications and shows.
Cremer may be the perfect example of the “hidden talent” in Pueblo. He most recently worked as a wildlife photographer in the Peruvian Amazon in a place called Tambopata for the past six years and when the young bear bear was photographed by him frolicing in his backyard, friends said the bear must have known he was in town so he could get photographed by this talented professional photographer.
Impressed by the stunning beauty and abundant photographic opportunities in Latin America, Cremer lived in Costa Rica and Colombia before moving to Peru, where he lead biologists, entomologists and tourists on scientific and photographic expeditions to remote regions of the Amazon jungle to discover new species.

“The amazon rainforest a remarkable place, full of lush growth and life. In fact, it seems at times as if the forest is pulsating with life, with a constant background buzz of monkeys and birds chattering, and the gentle thump-thump of armies of leaf-cutter ants marching single file along endless tracks,” he said.

He took the world’s highest resolution of Machu Picchu, at 16,000 negapixels, that received over 1,000,000 views and can be seen at this website – http://www.GigapixelPeru.com. And he published in “EARTH Platinum Edition,” the world’s largest atlas, with each page of the limited edition book measuring 6 ft by 9 ft, with only 31 copies printed that retailed at $100,000 a copy.

Cremer’s work has been displayed in galleries around the world and published in numerous shows, books, publications and magazines including the National Geographic, Wired Magazine, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, NBC, Huffington Post, London Telegraph and the Toronto Sun. He’s made appearances on national tv and radio in Peru as well as the Rainforest Expeditions Youtube Chanel, Smarter Every Day Youtube Channel , BBC Weird World, EarthTouch News Podcast and Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria.

He has recently worked with local Pueblo photography clubs and has held events to display his work and help others learn. His business is called Jeff Cremer Photography is he available for local and out of town photography and video projects.

Link to some of his videos:
Link to his book:
Link to an gallery with some of his astounding photographs:
His facebook page where you’ll find his most recent bear pictures and stunning local photography :
You can reach him through his facebook page Jeff Cremer or by emailing him at jscremer@gmail.com
FB story featured ink – https://www.jeffcremerphotography.com/gallery
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